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Retail & Hospitality

Retail & Hospitality

  • SAP CCOS (Customer Check Out) POS terminal for retails
  • Data Synchronization with Data Director between SAP Business One and POS
  • Bar Code Label Printing and Tracking
  • Outlet Wise Expense, Profitability and Inventory Tracking
  • Inventory attributes Matrix by Style, Colour & Size
  • Salesman Wise Commission Calculation
  • Sales Promotion Schemes & Pricing Matrix
  • Warehouse Wise Real-Time Inventory
  • Outlets enter own Transactions
  • Outlets generate own Reports
  • Customer Wise Price Lists
  • Combo Sales Kitting
  • Transfer of Stock between Outlets
  • Transfer of Stock from Central Warehouse to Outlets
  • Product, Customer & Sale Order
  • Integration with Magento Web-Stores
  • Manage Inventory based on Minimum, Maximum & Reorder Level
  • Stock Valuation - LIFO, FIFO, Average & Standard Cost
  • Barcode Scanner Devices Integration for Picking, Packing & Cycle Counting
  • Batch Number Control
  • Expiry Date Control
  • Mark-up Price Percentage with Security- Controlled Override
  • Block Sale below Minimum Selling Price
  • Stock Conversion with Formula
  • Payment Entry Integration from Web Portal
  • Inventory and Pricing with Schemes Integration with Web Portal
  • Customer Order Shipment Information Integration with Web Portal
  • Label Printing on the Packing
  • Advance Warehouse Management Integrated with E-Commerce Location

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