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Leaping Frog Consulting

Leaping Frog Consulting provides industry leading enterprise software applications.

Our team of professionals are passionate about simplifying businesses through software automations. World is getting Digitalised faster than ever and so we are committed to work with you for your Digital Transformation Journey.

We are a team of enthusiastic result-oriented professionals with strong domain knowledge. We assist small, midsize, growing businesses to implement, integrate and maintain SAP Business One ERP Solutions throughout the complete process value chain.  Our experienced professionals can help you gain value from an IT technology investment.

Service Offerings

Leaping Frog Consulting is a 360 Degree SAP Business One ERP Solution provider. Our team of experienced professionals will assume the role of a reliable partner through the entire cycle of digital transformation – from business process consulting to implementation. Our service offerings include, but are no restricted to:

The Intelligent Enterprise

The Next era of enterprise computing will be defined by intelligent technologies

Advances in machine learning are enabling algorithms to become highly accurate in natural language understanding and in image and speech recognition. Businesses can use these increasingly sophisticated capabilities to drive the next level of intelligent business processes automation with SAP Business One ERP and eliminate repetitive manual tasks.

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