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Yarn Manufacturing

Yarn Manufacturing

Cotton Yarn
LFC has developed a solution catering to yarn manufacturing Industry. Process starts with the capture of details of raw materials used for production and link the test reports to every batch of production. There is a provision to capture overheads like labour, electricity and other expenses in product costing. We can maintain machine calibration data & machine master data.

Stock management is done in various parameters like Count, CSP & packing type etc. Quality management is also available where parameter-based testing values are captured for finished goods and raw materials.

Synthetic Yarn / Polyester Yarn
This solution is developed for synthetic/ polyester yarn manufacturing industry. Inventory management is done through various checks and balances. Stage wise stock is managed. Production planning is done against the order confirmation received from customer which contains the exact details of the product like Colour, Type, Filament count, twisting type etc.

 Finished Goods stock is maintained in cops, Number of Boxes and Kgs which will help the sales and dispatch department for sales and dispatch scheduling.

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