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Why Dashboards are Important for your Business and not just your Car !!

Posted on 09-Jul-2020 by Swapnil Vichare

Executive/Management Dashboards are platforms that offer a visual representation of your organization’s real time performance. They have gotten the name “dashboard” because they work similarly to car dashboards. Think of your business as the engine under the hood and your executive dashboard as a car dashboard that shows you all the important metrics of your engine’s performance immediately.

One of Peter Drucker’s most famous quotes is, “if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” Executive Dashboards allow you to measure your performance throughout your organization and thus improve it.

Making valuable decisions has always been one of the most important things in business and those decisions are made based on numbers an analysis that similar tools offer. A business dashboard is also a tool that gives business leaders valuable information, and it provides a quick outlook of all the most valuable numbers, which allows business leaders to perform an accurate business analysis. The information provided in a real-time business dashboard is clean, consistent, and easy to understand.

A decision-making meeting should not be the first time company performance numbers are reviewed; this key information should always be available at any time of the month so team members arrive at meetings with actionable advice.

A real-time dashboard puts your most important metrics and goals front and center at all times, and the best part is that they are always up to date, automatically. This saves time in multiple ways; an office or marketing assistant won’t have to spend days copying and pasting data to an Excel sheet every month, and executives won’t have to wait to get updated KPI data, since the data is always up to date. Decisions can be made faster if the strategy needs to shift.

We can have Dashboards designed for Head of Departments (HOD's) of Finance, Sales, Production, Services, Purchase & Inventory

Finance – Key Financial Figures like Cash Flow Forecast, Cash In Hand and Many more

Sales – Monitor Sales across Geographies, Product lines Sales Teams, Sales Channels and many more

Services – Geography wise service calls history, Closed Service Calls, Open Service Calls and many more

Production – Inventory on shop floor, Open Production Orders, Production Plant wise Work in Progress Inventory and many more

Purchase – Open Purchase Orders, Open Purchase Quotations and many more

SAP Business One HANA Dashboards will display real time figures which will help in following

  • Total Visibility into every aspect of your Business

  • Understand Trends & act accordingly

  • Time Saving – Key Information on click of buttons

  • Consolidate information across your organisation

  • A well-defined, user focused purpose

  • Reduced Stress, Increased Productivity & Increased Profits

To know more on SAP Business One Dashboards & Analytics,

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