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Posted on 08-Apr-2021 by Swapnil Vichare

1. Can E-Invoice be generated directly at GST Portal?

An e-invoice is a B2B invoice reported by a GST-registered business with the e-invoice portal (GSTN), which must adhere to the standard format notified by the CBIC. However, companies can use the Leaping Frog Solution service and manage E-invoicing including normal invoice generation end to end in a single click.


2. Can E-Invoice be cancelled?

Yes, the E-invoice once generated can be cancelled.


3. Can E-Invoice be Partially Changed?

IRPs will process each invoice at a time. However, in order to ensure that this process is not slowed down due to the burden on the servers, the IRP will have a very lean and focused system. To achieve this, one of the measures that will be used is that the IRP will not be required to store e-invoices for more than 24 hours. Therefore, an e-invoice can be cancelled on the IRP only within 24 hours. Further, the whole of the invoice would have to be cancelled since partial cancellation is not possible. Amendments to an e-invoice cannot be carried out on the IRP.


4. Can E-Invoice be Amended?

Yes, E-Invoice can be amended. However, this facility is currently not given through the e invoice process in sap system. Any amendments must be done directly through GST Portal.


5. Is it mandatory to sign E-Invoice?

No, E-Invoice is not required to be signed by the Company. E-Invoice is already digitally signed by the IRP.


6. Can the company Logo be placed on E-Invoice?

Yes, Company can place its logo on the PDF version of E-Invoice. It is to be noted that E-Invoice which comes from IRP will not have Company Logo. Leaping frog Solution can generate E-Invoice with Company Logo and other non-standard terms and help you to directly email the invoices to the Company’s customer.


7. Can we check the status of invoices on a real-time basis?

Yes, Company will be provided will secured login credentials to access e-invoice process in sap Portal, and Company can access the portal 24/7.


8. Does Company require to change anything in their current ERP/invoicing system?

E-Invoice system required certain mandatory fields. If those mandatory fields are not there, the same shall be enabled or given in excel manually against each invoice.


9. How can Company generate E-Invoice if my existing system doesn’t support APIs?

The same can be done through excel invoice details.


10. Is QR printing on invoices mandatory?

Yes, All E-Invoice must have QR Code.


11. Are B2B invoices with unregistered customers required to do E-Invoicing?

Currently, the B2B invoice with only valid Customer GST numbers can be generated through e invoice process in sap. For all other invoices, the existing system can play the role.



12. Can Leaping frog Solution also help in Automating GST Return Filling?

Yes, if other details are provided the GST Return can be filled through the platform in one click. For details connect at info@lfspl.com


13. Will E-way Bill Auto generated from E-Invoice?

 E-Invoice platform has the option to generate E-Way. The info required for the E-Way bill has to be sent along with E-Invoice to generate the E-Way Bill.


14. Will My GST Return be filed automatically after E-Invoice implementation?

No, However, All the data required to file GST returns will be auto-populated from the Vendors/Customers who are using the E-Invoice facility. For others, the existing system of uploading the date manually has to be continued.


15. Can Company Sales Team/Finance team receive a copy of the invoice sent to Customers?

Yes, Company central finance/sales email ID can receive a copy of invoices from our E-Invoicing platform.


18. If the E-Invoicing portal is used for sending invoices to customers, whose email Id will be used to send the invoices?

The company’s provided email ID will be used to send invoices to customers.


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