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How Much does SAP Business One Cost? You Might be Surprised!!

Posted on 03-Nov-2020 by Shashank Rameshwar

How Much does SAP Business One Cost? You Might be Surprised!!

It is more affordable than you think.

We’ve all heard stories about SAP is for Large Enterprises. They are expensive and time taking. But SAP Business One changes everything.

SAP Business One is tailor-made for small to midsize enterprises. It costs less than SAP for large enterprise and can be implemented in weeks. SAP Business One is a comprehensive, self-contained ERP. It does not require expensive, separately-licensed components to make it truly useful to most companies.

SAP Business One has plenty of flexibility and extensibility to allow the user to tailor it to their company's needs.

SAP Business One implementation is relatively easy and quick, taking weeks, not months.

With SAP Business One, users have access to real time information in the most critical areas of the business.

Using SAP Business One is easy, thus eliminating the need to train, train and re-train staff.

There are a number of factors that need to be considered before buying an ERP, with some of them listed below.
• How many users will be required?
• Is there a Single or Multi-Location set-up?
• Cloud or on-premise deployment?
• What modules or functional areas will you be using?
• Single or multi-country set-up?
• Single or multi-warehouse?
• What level of customization is required?
• Will users require additional SAP Business One mobile apps?

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