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Introduction to SAP Business One - A Complete ERP Solution for Small and Midsize companies

Posted on 01-Jan-2020 by Swapnil Vichare

ERP in India is considered as an expense and not an investment in strategic growth. Many companies are getting benefited by implementing ERP. It is no more a theoretical proposition. So the question is whether even a small and medium industry should implement ERP? This segment feels it can run with accounting software that also provides stock information. Are they afraid of ‘expense’ which actually is an investment & that will actually help them grow without the concomitant increase in investments in manpower and related infrastructure?

When we look at the Indian market, it has changed completely. Business owners are more aware of technology and how it can affect their business. They are automating their plants; they are bringing in good and standard business processes.

Small and Medium industry segment is picking up well but one thing which has still not gained momentum is the idea of technology and process have driven business operations vis a vis human-driven business process.

SAP Business One - An ERP that grows with you

SAP Business One, an affordable package, equipped with all the functionalities required to your Business is being designed specifically for small & midsize businesses. From sales and customer relationships to financials and operations, Business One gives your business big goals.

Whether you are an independent small business or a subsidiary of a larger company, the clear view of all facets of your business is very important. SAP Business one allows one to see clearly, think clearly, and act clearly so that one can close the gap between strategy and execution of becoming a best-running business. More than 50,000 companies have already switched to SAP Business One solution & the reason behind that is the long list of business solutions provided by it.

1. Control on your entire organization with targeted business processes and streamlined operations across sales, marketing, customers, financials and operations, all in a single system so your business operates as a coherent one.

2. SAP Business One provides built-in customer relationship management (CRM) tools with improved customer retention & satisfaction through quicker response times and instant access to customer information.

3. It allows you to have a Closer relationship with key stakeholders including customers, vendors, and employees through better supply chain management & complexities like data redundancy, higher costs & leverage the best experiences & practices with a true ERP system.

4. Get rid of all the complexities like data redundancy, higher costs & leverage the best experiences & practices with a true ERP system.

5. Lower your technology costs and get a quicker return on investment with a solution that can be executed more quickly, maintained more easily, and learned with minimal training.

Do more with less and fuel rapid growth with an enterprise resource planning system for small and midsized companies. SAP Business One, offers the flexibility to meet your business’ unique process requirements and challenges, regardless of your company services.

Indubitably, SAP Business One will be with your business in one way or another for years to come and will have a big impact on how you do your business.


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