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SAP Business One Myths VS Facts

Posted on 12-Jan-2021 by Shashank Rameshwar

SAP Business One is one of the popular ERP’s in the market. SAP has the biggest market share when it comes to ERP. These badges make SAP Business One victim of lot of myths. We will debunk SAP Business One myths for you. 

Myth 1 – SAP Business One is too big and expensive!

Fact - SAP Business One is specifically designed & developed for MSME. Although there are many large enterprises using SAP Business One for their operations. 360+ Large Enterprises are running SAP Business One in 2400+ subsidiaries. It is currently being used by close to 59,000 customers across the world and close to 6,500 customers in India. SAP Business One is very rich in features, easy to understand, flexible yet robust and has a very low total cost of ownership (TCO) to its SME customers.

Myth 2 – SAP projects run for longer period of time & involves huge cost

Fact - Implementation time depends on a lot of factors, including how important it is for you! If all the teams work in tandem on a well-defined plan, SAP Business One implementation can be completed in as quick as 20 days! SAP Business One has lowest TCO as compared to other software’s.

Myth 3 – SAP Business One is for trading companies not for manufacturing

Fact – SAP Business One has inbuilt manufacturing module. Which takes care of Bill of Material (BOM), Routing, Resources, Production Order, Material Consumption, Tracking of variances, Product Cost and so on. 90% of our (Leaping Frog) customers are from manufacturing domain and have been using SAP Business One very successfully over the years. These customers are from Product Manufacturing, General Manufacturing, Speciality Chemicals, and Food Processing etc. and have variety of manufacturing scenarios like Made to Stock, Made to Order, Assemble to Order & so on.

Myth 4 – SAP Business One cannot be customized

Fact – SAP Business One comes with inbuilt industry specific functionalities however we can develop add-ons or custom modules to meet your specific requirements.

Myth 5 – SAP Business One required huge infrastructure

Fact – SAP Business One can be hosted on Cloud/On premise with multiple hosting options. Cloud Hosting offers competitive pricing options

Myth 6 – Companies need huge team with SAP skill to run SAP Business One

Fact – You can run SAP Business One with single resource with ERP background that too is not a necessity. We (SAP partners) offer SAP Support services with affordable prices so that companies get year-round support for SAP.  

Myth 7 – SAP Business One is not integration friendly

Fact – With version 10.0 SAP Business One has become integration friendly than ever. With Service layer SAP Business One can be easily integrated with 3rd party apps.

SAP Business One is an excellent solution that SMEs need to consider. People in this segment should not be distracted by these myths. SAP Business One has tremendous potential to help companies operate at higher levels of efficiency, with increased visibility in operations, reduced manual and repetitive work, reduced costs and improved customer relationships.

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