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Tips to choose the right SAP Application Management Service Provider

Posted on 25-Jul-2022 by Swapnil Vichare

If your business thrives on SAP, requiring outsourced support for SAP enterprise applications would be an essential requirement. There are Application Management Services or AMS provided by sap application management service providers to organizations seeking support for the effective functioning of enterprise applications. AMS companies offer expertise related to applications management as well as other IT services to SAP-driven organizations that need it. 


Understanding the Concept of AMS or an Application Management Service 


There is a range of services offered by AMS companies. This can be an “on-demand” support through complete outsourcing and cloud management. It can also include enhancements in the application including major or minor changes in requests, roll-outs, upgrades, optimizing assessments, advisory services, road maps, and so on. 


When chosen well, AMS services are delivered by highly qualified and knowledgeable SAP services consulting professionals who are known to deliver enriching value to the organization. Ideally, the sap application management services deliver AMS graduates to become an extension of the client organization, helping them in making strategic improvements with SAP-based solutions they already possess. 


The Concrete Benefits of Engaging an AMS Provider 


The practical advantages of engaging an SAP AMS company for assisting you in your tryst with the SAP software could be many. Some of the more important ones include:


1. Making a Transition from Tactical to Strategic: AMS providers have a better understanding of how to drive the focus of a company from tactical to strategic! They suggest interesting ways of deriving more value out of the SAP solutions. Typically, IT companies using SAP as a tool just focus on keeping the program running. Their focus is never on how to derive enhanced value out of SAP. A great AMS provider and partner empowers the in-house team and enables them to deliver SAP solutions with a strong and significant value-add. 


2. A Robust Positive Impact on ROI: When you have a good AMS for support and guidance, you are automatically entitled to world-class expertise at your beck and call. And this in turn can add immense value to your company. Companies can access SAP help and assistance as and when they need it in any technical or functional area. Travel expenses are often not required as remote assistance is provided. These services are convenient to access and equally easy to work with, guaranteeing availability round the clock! 


3. Solutions are Customized to your Needs and Requirements: AMS partners offer adaptable solutions for meeting the demands of transforming business modules. Ideally, the offerings for software management services adjust to the requirements of IT operations. Working together for defining the correct size of delivery model suited to the specific needs of your company is their forte. 


SAP-certified partner solutions, when chosen well, can prove to be a key pointer for business success. How do you choose an AMS partner, however? What are the factors that are to be essentially kept in mind? We take a look at some of the key pointers here. 


Choosing an AMS for your SAP Program: Key Deliverables to Lookout for


The best SAP AMS providers have an infinite scope when it comes to service deliverables. However, here is a list comprising of the key ones one can use as essential pointers


Remote Services and Managed Hosting: This must include database administration and administration of operating systems. Enhancements, installations, and upgrades must also be included. Using of infrastructure as service and capacity management are also considered key deliverables.


Management of Service Delivery: This will include service coordination, value-added services, regular reporting at the service level, change management, and problem and incident tackling. 


Maintenance: Maintenance services will include support in maintenance, software updating, early watch alerts for the software, effective management of the SAP service marketplace, attending to ongoing issues and recommendations, and so on. 


Security: This will include planning of security strategies, assessment of SAP vulnerability as well as management, single sign-on, and similar tasks.


Business Continuity: SAP business continuity deliverables include disaster recovery mechanisms, timely backups, ensuring timely availability of services, and so on. 


It is to be kept in mind however that these services are by no means limitations to what AMS providers need to offer. These are mere pointers and service deliverables are not limited to these. 


Picking the Best SAP AMS Providers: Other Aspects to Look Into 


Some of the other aspects to look into when picking the best AMS provider for SAP include:


A Thorough Understanding of Business Processes: A complete and thorough understanding of business processes engaged by the customer company is important for every SAP AMS provider. Bringing about enhancements and improvements is of prime importance and is certainly not achievable without a complete and comprehensive understanding of the client's business. Fixing problems is not what they are expected to do alone. Can they bring about consistent enhancements and improvement in the day-to-day activities of the business, this is a very relevant question to ask! 

Creativity and Flexibility: Typically, larger AMS providers end up being less receptive to the needs of smaller clients. They also tend to have loads of pointless paperwork that overwhelms clients and bogs them down with staunch bureaucracy! It is essential to find a partner who is likely to provide tailor-made solutions through creativity and flexibility. 


Global Resources Accessibility: The partner must possess an operating presence in the countries where your company enjoys presence. One way to shrink downtime and reduce chances of error is to engage a service provider with cultural familiarity and proximity to local languages and traditions. They should also know about local systems. Time zones should be collaborated to avoid lags. 


Certifications of Relevance: Checking on relevant certifications could be one of the best ways to ensure whether the AMS provider is suited to the requirements of your company. You may perhaps need to check on certifications earned by the employees of the service-providing company as well for complete assurance. Certifications also guarantee compliance with industry standards and are highly important, therefore. 


SAP AMS providers are available in plenty. Make sure you spend some time in research before signing on the dotted line. 


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